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“Lady Madonna, Children At Your Feet”

“Lady Madonna, Children At Your Feet”,  oil on canvas, 30x54in.?, originally uploaded by ahtravis. Longyear Gallery, Margaretville, NY opened a new show last week, with the reception on Saturday night.  I exhibited my “Lady Madonna, Children At Your Feet” to the … Continue reading

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Fiddling Fails To Calm The Waters Or Extinguish The Flames

Fiddling fails to calm the waters or extinguish the flames, pastel, 34×32 in,originally uploaded by ahtravis. I have had a difficult time birthing this third expression of my rage against the violence of man toward his fellow man, as individual … Continue reading

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South African poet, Dennis Brutus

I have added a link ( below Flickr photos) to the rebroadcast of an interview of Dennis Brutus, conducted by Terry Gross, “In Memoriam:  Activist Poet, Dennis Brutus”, Freshair”, National Public Radio, Dec. 30, 2009,  on the occasion of Brutus’ death.  Poet and blog … Continue reading

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More protesting violence

Spilt Milk, pastel, 30×22 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis.

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Madonna, horrified by violence

Madonna, horrified by violence, pastel and  gouache, 31x25in., originally uploaded by ahtravis. Painting complete.  Issue still rages.

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Violence, 2, in progress

Violence, 2, in progress, pastel on paper, 30×30 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis. I have begun another attempt.

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Violence, the artist’s eye and focus I woke up this morning determined to cut the fire out of my painting.   It’s interesting about that fire.  I had first envisioned a sort of Pandora’s box of evils then moved to threat … Continue reading

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Violence, in progress

Violence, in progress, 50×36 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis. The artist’s eye I, like, most mothers, am sickened by violence–violence in my country and the violence done around the world in whatever name, who cares.  Everyday, in the media, we see figures … Continue reading

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