Creature of Habit

I have proved myself to be a real creature of habit.

Mid January was the big move and I am only now working my way through that upheaval.  In March I moved into my new studio, straightened, arranged and straightened again.  In June I invited friends and collectors to visit my new work space.  The weather began to settle and ordinarily I would have taken my watercolors outside and begun to paint—but I could not.

As soon as I was settled I had completed a “Catskill Mountain Life, Flora and Fauna” oil piece “Fall”, that had been languishing unfinished since I began packing to move.  Yet I was not ready to let go of my oils and painted another of the series, “Daisies along the Railroad”.  Oil on paper, 21×30 in., then “Peaches in a Basket”, again oil this time on canvas, 18×18 in.

Year, after year the sequence:  Summer–watercolor, Fall—oil on canvas, Winter—watercolor collage, then Summer—watercolor again.  Winter ended with a watercolor collage, produced in the studio in gloomy and cold weather from unsatisfactory watercolor paintings from previous summers. This summer I found myself unable to skip the winter period even though the cold was gone and the sun was shining gloriously!  I gave in and worked on 2018’s winter watercolor collage through the last of June and have just finished at the end of  August, 2018 .  NOW I have begun painting in watercolor, en pein air—out in the glorious sunshine!  Only three months late.

lilly pads 7 27

Burger Hill 1

“Burger Hill”, wc, 10×14 in., painted alla prima en plein air.


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