To make a long story short  I moved across the Hudson River and away from my wonderful studio in the Catskill Mountains in January, 2018.  I moved into a new studio, a former backyard garage lovingly redesigned by my daughter.  I began to work again after an almost 6 month hiatus.

,Luckily had a half finished painting awaiting my attention so I was not immediately needing inspiration.

Fall in process, o on canvas, 25×25 in.

I found the inspiration in the decisions required to complete the painting.  With the conclusion of that waiting painting I have painted one other and another in the works.  These paintings however have their source in the Catskills.  While I feel at home in my new space it will take a while to “see” the neighborhood and community and feel the need to record.

Fall, o on canvas, 25×25 in.

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  1. Janet Campbell says:

    Beautiful painting Alix. Good luck in your new diigs. Janet

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