Medium Combinations, no. 2

Rail Road Garden, Mullein, Fall

As I had written in the previous blog entry, I was dissatisfied with all my attempts to “paint” dew sprinkled over cob webs.    Then  I determined to drape real “jewels” (beads from my mother’s old costume jewelry) between the dead stalks of mullein to better express the excitement and surprise I had felt when I found the dew soaked webs that early fall morning.

First I collaged the water colored print with pieces torn from “failed” watercolor paintings, adding at least 1/8 of an inch between the support and the surface of the collage.  Now the “webs” of beads fall loosely as they festoon from plant to plant.  The different levels of the painting’s surface please me immensely.

I have created an artistic memory of a lovely fall morning and woven into that memory articles from my beloved mother’s life. The three dimensionality of the work allows the light to play off the pieces as the morning sunlight had danced through the beads of dew.  Around all I have added block prints of railroad tracks to complete “Railroad Garden; Mullein, Fall”, about 24×40 in.

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