Just published! Catskill Coloring Book

As is my usual habit when I went south in the Winter, 2014 I determined to try some new art medium; this time with an objective in mind–to produce a coloring book inspired by my own original watercolor plein air paintings.  I enrolled at the New Orleans School of Arts and Crafts to learn the art and craft of pen and ink drawing.  I have used commercial, loaded pens to sketch for years.  But my need here was different; I needed to deliberately reproduce the images depicted in my watercolor paintings.  These paintings, themselves had involved NO DRAWING.

In class I mastered the tools, i.e. the different pens, quill, inks and practiced.  Plus I got a lot of good advice when I explained my goal.

Initially, I used the computer to reduce the painted images to a semblance of line drawings.  From these computer “line” drawings under tracing paper I eliminated lines until I had twisted them into an image I liked.  From there I used old fashioned transfer paper under the tracing paper images to get the image to drawing paper suitable for ink.  I used a thin nib to make the first ink drawing and had it scanned so that I could work and work until I had a drawing I approved of.  From there I eventually used 2 additional nibs, each producing a thicker line than the one before.

You can view a selection from the coloring book by clicking Catskill Coloring Book in the Blogroll below and to the right.


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