Old Church, Torcello, Italy

Old Church, Torcello, Italy, originally uploaded by ahtravis.

My recent trip to Bergamo and Venice, Italy was a lovely painting experience. In keeping with my policy of a new environment requires trying something new, I carried with me a watercolor journal of a material new to me, a 10×8” bound journal of Khadi Papers, HB4 WR 210gsm Rough and my ink pen. While I usually use my rigger brush for calligraphy lines I wanted to try the ink pen this time. The size of the journal is also smaller than the scale I usually paint. The journal, pen and small traveling paint set, filled with my own fine paints and supplemented with 7 brushes was light and fit nicely into my tote bag.

I completed 22 paintings on 18 pages in 4 short painting sessions. It is easy to turn the journal lengthwise and paint on two pages. The only problem for me was the habit of the wet paint to sit on top of the paper and take its own good time about drying. I frequently changed painting locations with the book held open to keep from smearing the painting.

I had carried the indelible mechanical pen with which I usually sketch and wished for an ink that would run with the water color–next time. With the pen I had I was unable to easily vary the width of the line I was making.

I feel that my results please me so much that I intend to exhibit the sketch book at members’ show in the Longyear Gallery. By web search I have uncovered a picture of a plexiglass box, or riser with a hole for a hand turning pages in the side. I am investing in having a single one made so I can show off my sketches and watercolor journals.

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  1. Hello Alix, I love this entry. I like it that you try new materials for each new location that you paint. Myself, I am always trying to experiment, so this speaks to me. I can’t wait to see the rest of the paintings here.

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