“Kitchen Paintings; watercolors by Alix Hallman Travis

I’ve been busy–very busy preparing an exhibition catalog for my upcoming show at the Longyear Gallery, Margaretville, NY. The Longyear is a cooperative gallery and the opportunity to feature each artist’s work comes around every two years. My second opportunity in the rotation was to be in 2010 but I was too busy with other shows to give the Longyear the attention it deserved. After all, this is the exhibition that will be most accessible to my neighbors and local friends; I thought long and hard before I chose to exhibit my “kitchen paintings”. I had exhibited these paintings in 2010 at The Futon Company, Worcester, MA and the viewers enjoyed them.

Then I had to choose which of the many to exhibit. A few of the paintings still in my possession had been exhibited individually at the gallery before, some never. The decision was difficult. I felt that the grouping required that I include some few previously seen. I feel those previously exhibited will appear in a different light when seen as part of a larger collection of similar still lifes.

Then I have produced a book of my paintings, an exhibition catalog of sorts and a promotional item for me. I used the free software program Blurb, and the process was easy, though not necessarily painless. One still must choose a few paintings from many to include. A writer friend and one of my first students, wrote the foreword; an art historian friend contributed an essay on still life painting, and I added a family recipe and a painting of the product to the mix. A selection from the book can be seen above–just turn the pages. The book is available for purchase. Just click the shopping basket.

I am most gratified to be able to offer our lovely gallery space during my show to the Writers In The Mountains for a reading of their pieces of food. The wonderful The Home Goods of Margaretville, which already carries my “kitchen” cards has offered to host a book signing! Such fun!

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