Nesting Cormorants, Audubon Park, New Orleans

Nesting Cormorants, Audubon Park, New Orleans, Ink on paper, 6×10 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis.

I arrived back home yesterday and today have been pleasurably working in my studio. During my absence I had thought of so many pieces of work I wanted to be doing that I started three today!  This way of working will be new to me.  Until now I have maintained a rigorous discipline of finishing one piece before I have allowed myself to begin another.  The three pieces I have begun today are each important in a different way, each is at a different stage of development and in one case a canvas must arrive before I can actually begin painting.  Today I have assembled materials, begun a paper papier-mâché and worked on a preliminary drawing.

I will have to decide later just how to use the many ink sketches I made on our trip.  It may take years for any one them to appear in my painted work, but I keep them in my memory and know they are there to draw on.  In the meantime, with this particular group I enjoyed developing each sketch to a degree I do not usually attempt.

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