Tennis Whites, Fleischmanns, 2, watercolor, 21×14 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis.

East Branch Delaware River Plein Air Painters have been painting at historical sites in Middletown , NY all summer.  These original works will be offered through silent auction to benefit The Historical Society of Middletown.

                                           Friday, Nov. 26, 3-6 pm
                                                   The Commons
                                     Main Street, Margaretville, NY

                    Proceeds will help the society erect historical
                              markers in the Town of Middletown.

                           Preview of selected paitings available at

East Branch Delaware River Plein Air Painters has completed another season of joyously and enthusiastically painting outside.  As in 2009, we painted historical sites in Middletown, NY identified by the Middletown Historical Society.  Twenty five of those paintings will be auctioned for the benefit of the society.

I have sent the above email or postcard, each featuring one of my three contributions to the auction, to my collectors and friends.  The painting featured above was  one of my two favorites of the season.  The other favorite is another “tennis” painting , no. 1 (see flickr post to the right).

The park in Fleischmanns, NY is usually alive with activity:  pick up baseball or soccer, organized or just friendly tennis games, play equipment for the tiny tots, and a swimming hole.  Until I saw it with my own eyes I had thought the pick up games children used to play when I was a child had disappeared–but not in Fleischmanns!

Fleischmanns is a really interesting town, both visually and demographically.  I have painted on Main Street for several years, attracted by the fine, though deteriorated architecture.  The town is acquiring a new vibrancy because of a thriving Mexican immigrant community that adds color to the drab, black frocked Hasidic population that has been in summer residence there for decades.

This vibrant mixture, for me, is represented by the park.  It was that moving vibrancy I wanted to capture and so my paintings of tennis games in progress.

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