Spent poppies, no. 1

Spent poppies, no. 1, watercolor, 14×10 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis.

I enjoy walking into a home filled with original art.  I am automatically disposed to connect with the inhabitant and I enjoy trying to discover the raison d’etre of the pieces having come together on the walls of this dwelling.

Recently I was especially pleased to see six of my own pieces included in a very interesting and eclectic assortment.  The two pieces, “Spent Poppies”, 1 and 2 (above and to Flickr at right) are watercolors painted en plein air in my garden one summer morning.  I love the bright red and oranges of the blooming poppies but I prefer the shapes of the bluish seed pods left after the petals have fallen.  They balance atop tall, straight stalks like lollypops.

My new acquaintance/friend had purchased the six watercolors from my studio last fall.  To sell six paintings at one time is exciting enough but to visit her home yesterday and see them framed and hanging amongst other artwork collected over many years was maybe one of my more pleasurable experiences as an artist.  I had seen this collection before my pieces were purchased and had found it most interesting.  The works tend toward watercolor and prints.  My pieces fit right in and I am so flattered to be included.

Living with original art is so important.  People collect for many different reasons.  My husband and I shop for art when we travel.  Living with those pieces later reminds us of pleasurable traveling experiences.  Only recently since becoming a member of Longyear Gallery, Margaretville, NY, and becoming friends with other artist members have I begun to collect the work of individual artist friends.

I have seen many collections, as individual as the individuals who have constructed them.  I would like to go on a collection tour–to see collected works and to have collectors explain why the pieces are in their homes.

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  1. lesliepaints says:

    I, too, like looking at original art. There is a difference no matter how many times I hear giclees are just as good. I don’t see that to be true. I have a small collection of original art and usually lean toward those paintings that I cannot get out of my head after having viewed them. Price is also a factor. There have been many that I would have liked to add that were beyond what I can afford.

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