Porch time at Kirkside

Porch Time at Kirkside, watercolor, 21×14 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis.

I felt as though I had been working the entire summer for the events of last week.  The Roxbury Arts Group held its annual Whet Paint/Inside Outside auction.  RAG is a very dynamic arts organization for our larger community.  The event is a big fundraiser for RAG and this year there were several important changes in the format, several for which I had been lobbying.  Modifications included:  all paintings had to have been completed in the seven days before the auction on Saturday;  canvases and papers were stamped;  artists had seven days to complete their work and would receive 30% of the final auction price.

East Branch Delaware River Plein Air Painters scheduled two paintouts and one unofficial paintout during the week.  My students and I painted one other day and I helped them mat and present their two pieces each.  I arranged for EBDRPAP members to be interviewed about plein air painting and Whet Paint on our new radio station, WROX 91.3 and finally, I was interviewed on Friday morning.

Saturday was the big day. I entered two watercolors. In past years I have entered either an oil or acrylic painting. Watercolors in our community, never gather the attention of oils or acrylics. However, both of mine sold so I was pleased.

My favorite is this watercolor of the assisted living home, Kirkside.  This historical structure in the village of Roxbury, NY has a wide front porch and the residents gather each sunny day. I have been wanting to paint the activity and there was no better time. I painted a small study first to identify my problem areas and then the 1/2 page was completed in 30 min.

The second entry was of the barn and horses of a neighbor.  see flicker

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  1. Your painting is full of motion and energy. Congratulations on your sales!

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