“Best of Show”, North East Watercolor Society Members Exhibition, 2010

Pear, Avacado, Banannas on Green Plate, no. 1,  watercolor, 14×10 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis.

I was delighted to receive a call last Saturday informing me that my painting, “Pear, Avacado, Banannas on Green Plate had been awarded “Best of Show” at the North East Watercolor Society Members Exhibition, 2010.  Entries, including this and a companion piece, were originally juried by a committee of members then judged by Eli Rosenthal.  When one looks at his work on the society’s website and his own web site it is obvious why my work appealed to him;  his work certainly appeals to me.  He is another artist who uses saturated color, with loose, wet brush work, in combination with saved whites and a lot of negative painting.  Other awards may be viewed at the society’s website (see blog roll on lower right).

This work  was created as a demonstration for my students in the fall, 2009.   We were especially interested in the transparancy of the green plates.  (Those plates have appeared in other work on this blog and will undoubtedly appear again.)  In addition, we placed the items on the floor so that our point of view was from above.  The second piece was created when my students and I exchanged positions for a second painting attempt.


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