Meadow before mountain

Meadow Before Mountain, watercolor, 21×14 in, originally uploaded by ahtravis.

from RED, by Rafael Alberti (1902-1999), Spanish painter, poet and playwright; these verses are found in his collection A la pintura, or On Painting

I am morning’s first color,
day’s last.

I wrestle with the green in fruit; I win.

Indistinct in certain nudes,
diluted by the snow.

Purple through glass;
goblets, bottles, tumblers
warm with wine.

Come to me, cadmium yellow; I want to be an orange,
a lustrous sphere amidst the green.

In Goya, I’m diluted by the air.

All the way down to the rose rose of Picasso.

Think how I’m lost
in the tiniest violet.

These verses speak for themselves.  I am indebted to Professor Maria Horvath, Assumption College, Worcester, MA, for drawing my attention to these lovely and truthful words. 

I have been waiting for the right moment to share these lines.   Autumn in the mountains has arrived and with it many manifestations of red are sweeping across the landscape.

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2 Responses to Meadow before mountain

  1. Rachel says:

    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… painting and poetry- i feel so ignorant but also inspired by the combination of the two.

    • alixhtravis says:


      I too, like the connection.

      I am also sure it would be the same for music. I think when an artist, i.e. me, is painting my fast and loose watercolors that there is most certainly a rythmn to movements, strokes, stepping back, reaching for color, sometimes fast and furious and sometimes slow and thoughtful. Never hesitant, however.

      I would love to have a video artist take pictures and then try to put them to music.


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