Van Benschoten Barn, no. 2

Van Benschoten Barn, no. 2, 30×23 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis.

More juried work


I just received word today that my painting, “Van Benschoten Barn, no. 2” has been juried into the 33rd Annual International Exhibition of the North East Watercolor Society (see links).  “VB barn” is one of my favorite paintings of this 2009 plein air season.  As anyone on the east coast knows, we had one of the wettest months of June on record.  The morning the East Branch Delaware River Plein Air Painters began painting at the site of this 1854 barn I had to begin with an interior because it was raining.  My second painting of the morning was done outside the barn but under a dark and threatening sky. For this painting, the third of the day, the sky turned blue with puffy white clouds and a brilliantly shinning sun!  The new, spring leaves were dripping dry; everything was fresh and sparkling.  I feel the painting nicely caught the sparkle.

The work was painted on 300lb Arches watercolor paper.  What a wonderful surface.  I used large brushes throughout the process until the very end when I turned to my rigger.

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2 Responses to Van Benschoten Barn, no. 2

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Yes. You deserved it with this. You captured the warmth of the darks in the barn door that makes me want to walk right in. I really like your spindley branches and heavy leaves and the patterns with your values are so strong! Nice painting!

  2. noactive says:

    Van Benschoten Barn, no. 2 .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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