Woman at table, in progress, 4/13/09

Woman at table, in progress, 4/13/09, oil on canvas, 36x40in, originally uploaded by ahtravis.

From start to…….

I am painting in oil again; the weather has moderated and my studio is comfortable enough for me to move away from the heater!

This piece, “Woman at Table“, actually began percolating in my brain several months ago while I was in Worchester, MA. In Worcester I discovered a life drawing group, Atelier at the Sprinkler Factory, that meets weekly to draw from a live, nude model. I work fast, so in any 3 hour session I begin drawing with charcoal and move, in this case, to painting with gouache. In a single session I produce 3-4 pieces, each homing in on the gesture/angle/shape that interests me. I was attracted to the model’s very angular shoulder elevated by her arm resting on the chair back with hands in repose. (see Flickr posting)

At home in Worchester I painted the small study inspired by the work from the live model. Here the figure has a head, is clothed, and is seated at a table. (see Flickr posting)

I needed more dramatic clothing, clothing that would reveal the figure and would assume the distortions present in the pose. I retrieved a fashion ad from the New York Times that featured just the dress. (see Flickr posting)

This week I have before me the original gouache painting, the study, and the ad. From this preliminary work I have begun a large oil incorporating a fuller body, a new dress and the table. (see Flickr posting)

This last step is awaiting more work, fine tuning before I am satisfied. (see featured image above)

The finish later…..

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  1. Rachel says:

    . . .and what a dress she has on! im so excited its oil season again.

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