Cabbage and three peppers, no. 1

Cabbage and three peppers, no. 1, watercolor, 14×10″, originally uploaded by ahtravis.

Sources of Inspiration–Necessity

Wow! The sun is out and it feels good to be working again after an extended dry period. Was it an upset, the lack of sun, too much moving back and forth? Who knows, but having to prepare for renewed teaching has forced me back into fruitful activity.

The weather is still too cold to paint outside so my students and I are painting fruits and vegetables in the studio. What wonderful subject matter! Of course the shapes are the basic balls, boxes, columns and cones with wonderful color and important variations. 

I gather our painting subjects when I shop at the grocery store for tomorrow’s supper. Before my family eats the produce I take it out of the refrigerator and into the studio to paint. The obligation to not waste drives me to eat those just purchased raw vegetables and fruits whose interesting shapes and colors have attracted me. To avoid being profligate I have actually eaten some items I would not ordinarily eat but bought just to paint. So, can I say that painting improves one’s diet?

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  1. Rachel says:

    nothing like being involved with your food to affect your diet!

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