Chamber music at the Garner Museum

Chamber music at the Garner Museum, gouache, 10×14 in.  originally uploaded by ahtravis.

Sources of inspiration–medium

I find that a new medium is inspirational.  In the past when I am bereft of my usual supports it helps if I move outside my comfort zone and try a new medium.  This time the new medium is gouache.  Right away I was inspired by an exhibit, “Watercolor, body color” at the Worcester Museum of Art, Worcester, MA.  “Body color” is another name for gouache.  Gouache is a water medium but unlike transparent watercolor, gouache is opaque, loaded with pigment. I have always used transparent watercolor. Many people use both; a painter using transparent watercolors may resort to gouache to cover up disappointments or to bring back highlights.  Then there are many people who use it as a preferred medium and I understand why.  The colors are intense and like oil or acrylics can by applied so that one covers another. 

The source for “Chamber music at the Garner Museum” was a sketch I made while visiting that museum.  The musical ensemble was practicing for a performance later that afternoon.  The next morning I used the sketch to compose my painting.  I made three versions;  I liked this one the best.

My February in Massachusetts is almost over;  I return to the Catskills soon.

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2 Responses to Chamber music at the Garner Museum

  1. Rachel says:

    i absolutely love this and cant wait to see it “in person.” the flute player (?) especially.
    post the other versions on flickr, please!

  2. alixhtravis says:

    Yes, he is a flute player.

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