Dance before geese

Dance before geese, acrylic on paper, 22.5×67 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis.

Sources of inspiration–shape

Try as I may I am uninterested in painting on standard size supports that require standard frames.  This idiosyncrasy has drastic implications for my framing costs.  The standard advice to artists is to keep costs down and go standard. “Standard” equals “boredom” for me.

I like skinny verticals, extreme horizontals, big squares.  I never measure first; I just look for a surface to suit the image in my head.

I have begun my work here in Massachusetts with acrylics on  large sheets of Arches watercolor paper.  “Dance before geese” above, was painted on three sheets of paper.  The acrylic medium is applied very thinly in some areas and thickly dry brushed in others.

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  1. Rachel says:

    you know i like the unconventional shapes, too. never thought about the financial ramifications, though…

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