Wednesday morning, no. 3

Wednesday morning, no. 3, gouache, 16×12 in., originally uploaded by ahtravis.

Sources of Inspiration–location

Several times over the last several years  I have left comfortable, supportive surroundings and moved to new places with little or no dedicated space in which to make art. This pattern appears to inspire rather than discourage me.

And I’ve done it again.  For the month of February I am “visiting” my husband who is living in Massachusetts for awhile and I am making art in the large storeroom at the bottom of his house.  The storeroom is below ground level but there is one small window at the ceiling and I have positioned my easel in the beam of light from there.  If I am not at my easel I am working on the dining room table.

Instead of finding this change of location and reduction in comfort off putting, I find it invigorating, a challenge to try something new. (I also find my cooking improves when I refuse to go to the grocery store and am challenged to create supper from the contents of my cupboard.)  I came prepared.  I brought gouache, a new medium for me, acrylics that I previously have applied thickly, like oil paint, reams of Arches cold and hot press watercolor paper, an easel, and of course, a few of my sketch books.

Last Wednesday, after a heavy snow storm, the morning dawned bright and sunny.  These three landscapes in gouache, applied thinly so it appears somewhat transparent rather than opaque, were made looking out the dining room window.  I like the early morning to paint because the sun is low in the horizon and the shadows are deep and longggggggg.

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  1. Rachel says:

    in one of my literature classes in high school i remember complaining about the rules for the different kinds of poetry. my teacher (i don’t remember which one) thought for a moment and then said something brilliant about how narrow parameters encourage greater creativity. so true, i find.

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