John Singer Sargent

A tent in the Rockies” watercolor by John Singer Sargent, collection of the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, Boston, MA, originally uploaded by ahtravis.

I have just returned from a weekend in Boston bingeing on paintings by John Singer Sargent. The biggest thrill was at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. There I found a large number of Sargent’s watercolors actually hanging on the walls of the small, intimate MacKnight Room and the Blue Room–right where Isabella Gardener left them!  Frequently in many museums one must wait for a special exhibit to view watercolors. I could hardly bring myself to leave.

I am busy painting every day but I have forgotten my camera.  As soon as I am able I will post images.


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  1. Susana says:

    I discovered his watercolors last April at an impressionist’s exhibition in Florence. I loved it, I did not know he was such a wonderful watercolorist.

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