House across the street, Christmas nocturne, no. 3

House across the street, nocturne, no. 3, originally uploaded by ahtravis.

The house across the street, in its holiday finery, continues to inspire me.

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5 Responses to House across the street, Christmas nocturne, no. 3

  1. Rachel says:

    oh my gosh! fabulous, especially all together like that (you know how i like sets).

  2. Oneida Hammond says:

    The use of the same subject and the good use of the color effect to create a visual excitment to the viewers. The use of the bright colors and the simplification of the painting to create an intrigue mood and mistery. Very good.

  3. Phyllis Horowitz says:

    Brava on tackling yet another new medium! You are our adventurer.

  4. Carol Adams says:

    Love your new works!!!

  5. mhfiler says:

    wow, I had no idea you could do all these cool things, you are inspiring. I am so loving your blog!

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